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We Now Know How To Approach Dortmund In Germany – Pep Guardiola
We Now Know How To Approach Dortmund In Germany – Pep Guardiola

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was full of praise for his players for their 2-1 Champions League win against Borussia Dortmund.

Guardiola believes he now have a better idea of how Dortmund may approach the second leg after this evening’s clash and says he will send his team to Germany thinking only of a win.

“I want to congratulate the players,” said Pep.

“How they stuck together. The quality of the opponent, not because we were not able to do it, how much we fought and stuck together to the end.

“We won in the end, now we know each other quite well. First Leeds, and then we will take time to see them and go there to win the game.

“They had that chance from Haaland from a long ball and Ederson made an incredible save – but no more.

“After 1-0, we took the game to our rhythm and Phil had chances. In the last 30 minutes he was our threat, if we could score goals in that moment, the game would be completely different.

“We were there and the reaction after 1-1 when you could become crazy we didn’t. We won the game.”

Guardiola also disclosed the fact that his team had been made strong favourites for this game added more pressure on his players.

He felt the pressure of expectation perhaps affected the first-half display as he added: “Second half was better. When you win 26 games in 27 and they are not winning the Bundesliga, the pressure is on our shoulders.

“Everything is guaranteed for us. Everybody believed we would win. We had an incredible commitment and desire to go through.

“Now we fly there at 2-1- always they score but we will adjust a few things we could not do today.

“In a calm way, the best way possible, the game we played and see what we can do better.

“We will go there to win the game. I ask the players to win the game. We did it and now we go to Dortmund not to defend.

“We will adjust our pressing, adjust our build up and play 90 minutes to try and reach the semi-final.”

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