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We Must Produce A “Perfect Performance” To Overcome Real Madrid – Jurgen Klopp
We Must Produce A “Perfect Performance” To Overcome Real Madrid – Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits his players must deliver the ‘perfect performance’ to edge Real Madrid.

The two giants in Europe will square at Anfield for the second leg of their Champions League tie, with Real ahead 3-1 on aggregate lead.

Klopp’s men have produced miracles in the European competition in times past, and the German knows they must be at their best once again on Wednesday.

The Liverpool boss, in his programme notes for the game, said: “This Real Madrid team has some of the greatest talent playing football in the world today. This isn’t a surprise – it’s what Real Madrid do.

“So to beat a side like this you must always strive for the perfect performance. But what we will not lose sight of is how good we are. The talent we have. The magic in our dressing room. And the character required to make special moments happen. We have the entire package at Liverpool.”

Klopp added: “You don’t get a comeback because you had a comeback in the past.

“You only have a chance if you play really good football in the present. The best situation would be if you don’t bring yourself in the situation where you need a comeback, but obviously that is not worth talking about now.

“The situation is clear. We should not concede and if we can create more than we did at Madrid, and that should be possible because we didn’t have a lot, then we will see what we get.

“We cannot just take comebacks for granted, especially not without a crowd in the stadium. We have to create our own atmosphere and we will do. Tomorrow we have one light training session in the morning and then a full day to prepare from an atmosphere point of view.”

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