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We Can Beat Manchester United With Our Quality – AS Roma Captain, Edin Dzeko
We Can Beat Manchester United With Our Quality – AS Roma Captain, Edin Dzeko

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AS Roma skipper Edin Dzeko insists Manchester United are favourites as they go into the first-leg of their Europa League semifinal.

Roma take on United at Old Trafford on Thursday night.

“I haven’t returned to Manchester since I left City six years ago,” he admitted. “It will be a special match for me, as it was a derby a few years ago.

“European matches, especially against opponents of this calibre, are special. I expect it to be a great match against Manchester United and I hope that everything will turn out fine for us.

“To play in semi-finals doesn’t happen every day,” he continued. “We know their strength. Manchester United surely start as favourites, but the very fact of having reached the semi-finals gives us the right to believe in it.

“We know that we too have quality, but we have to play as a team. Then, in football, everything is possible.”

Dzeko continued: “When you play in a semi-final, the target can only be that [to win].

“Maybe, at the beginning of the Europa League, you don’t think too far ahead.

“But when you are so close, winning undoubtedly becomes the target. We have one of the strongest opponents in the last 20 years of European football ahead of us, and it won’t be easy.

“We are aware of that, but we must not be afraid. Anything is possible.”

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