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Valencia coach, Bordalas admits frustration in his side’s 2-1 loss to Real Madrid
Valencia coach, Bordalas admits frustration in his side’s 2-1 loss to Real Madrid

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Valencia manager Jose Bordalas has admitted frustration following a loss at home to Real Madrid.

Valencia had the lead until the final minutes as Real Madrid stormed back to win 2-1.

Bordalas said, “We’re sad, because the team put in an incredible effort. Despite the problems that we had at the start of the game, both with Carlos Soler and Thierry Correia’s injuries, the team performed at a great level. The plan that we had prepared was carried out to perfection. We were the better side, we pressed high and we made things uncomfortable for Real Madrid. We had control of the game.

“Obviously, with them being a team of such a high level, they had chances, but nothing that was dangerous. In the second half we went ahead, and things were going the same as at the start, so it was a pity to lose. It was a pity because the team had 75 perfect minutes. All of those setbacks, and the physical exertion required, left us exhausted at the end.”

On the final 15 minutes, Bordalas said: “Above all, obviously Real Madrid had an adverse scoreline and are a team with quality, of a high level and with a great squad. They went in search of the equaliser. It was bad luck that the ball hit Foulquier for the goal, however, we should have known how to handle those last minutes. We allowed crosses to be made and didn’t read those last minutes well -and we ended up paying for it. The effort took its toll in that final stretch because, the team put in a tremendous effort.”

He added: “What I’ll take away is the work that the team did, and the boost that our fans gave us. I want to thank them, because they supported the team throughout. We’re sad, because overall the team had a great game.”

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