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Timo Werner Named As Fastest Player At Chelsea
Timo Werner Named As Fastest Player At Chelsea

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German international, Timo Werner is now the fastest player at Chelsea.

It’s highly a competitive squad at Cobham and many rate their chances of being the quickest player at the club.

Timo Werner is clearly up there and his Chelsea teammate and compatroit, Antonio Rudiger believes that attribute meant he was always destined for the top.

Speaking about linking up with the forward at Stuttgart, he told Soccer AM: “When he came up the first time [at Stuttgart], he was 16 or 17, and in training, he was so fast, so quick, and his finishing was very good at that level.

“It was just a matter of time for him to breakthrough [at highest level].”

But asked who the fastest player currently playing for Thomas Tuchel, the centre-back put a case forward for the defence, instead suggesting he and Fikayo Tomori would give him a run for his money. Tomori is now on-loan with AC Milan

“Honestly, something tells me that Fik and I are quicker [than Werner],” he explained.

“Maybe not for the first 10 metres, but if we go, I would say it’s between me and Fik.”

And the rest of the team clearly agree, all placing the trio in a league of their own where it comes to sheer speed and pace.

Kurt Zouma supported his fellow centre-backs, claiming Werner, Toni Rudiger and Tomori are all very close.

“There’s a competition, there’s him, Fikayo Tomori – who is very fast. Tammy [Abraham] always says he’s the fastest, but I don’t believe that, I will never say him,” he said last year.

“Maybe…Toni Rudiger too. He’s very fast too. Between three, there’s a competition.”

Meanwhile, when attacker Christian Pulisic was asked who would win, he said: “That’s a good question.

“I think I would definitely put myself in the top-five, not number one, probably not number two, but top five.

“I know Fikayo [Tomori] is fast, Timo [Werner] is fast. There’s a lot of fast guys in the team.”

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