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Thiago Alcantara Reveals Morale Is Low After Manchester United Draw
Thiago Alcantara Reveals Morale Is Low After Manchester United Draw

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Liverpool and Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara insists their attack will get back their form after Sunday’s 0-0 draw with league leaders Manchester United.

It made it three consecutive league game in which Liverpool have failed to find the back of the net.

But Thiago has said it will not be long before the goals flow again.

He said: “Sure, look at the guys we have in front – not just the big three, let’s say that.

“We have Div, we have Shaq, we have Taki, we have many players that can score, people in the midfield that can score as well, people from the defence can score.

“It’s a matter of creating the chances that we are creating to be effective.”

The Spaniard added: “We were intense, we were creating the chances that made us closer to winning.

“When we didn’t realise and didn’t make the goals, we’re just getting our self-confidence a bit down and that’s why the game changed a bit.

“At the end, it’s football and in some minutes of the game you are in high emotions and sometimes you are low – it’s part of the game.”

Thiago Alcantara came close to scoring with a long-range strike in the second half but was thwarted by United keeper David de Gea.

He said: “You shoot, thinking that it’s going in. But they also have a great goalkeeper there. We had plenty of chances to score and we didn’t, that’s why we are in this position now.

“Without winning, we are never satisfied. We made a superb first half, then the second half was 50-50.

“We are happy in some way with our performance – how we did in some moments of the game – but we have to do much better to be on top of the league.”

Thiago lauded the performances of Fabinho and Jordan Henderson, who both filled in as centre-backs.

He said: “They did great in every position, they are so versatile.

“And in the end, if in some actions we can’t defend as we have to, we have a great goalkeeper there behind. There were lots of great saves.”

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