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There’s Still A Chance To Rescue Our Season – Liverpool Fullback, Andrew Robertson
There’s Still A Chance To Rescue Our Season – Liverpool Fullback, Andrew Robertson

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Liverpool wing-back Andrew Robertson insists they still have a chance to rescue their season.

Robertson insists that while disappointment lurks around in their current situation – which sees them sit in seventh position, five points behind Chelsea in fourth – the end result “may not be all bad” come the end of the campaign.

“Of course the results at club level haven’t been good enough,” Robertson said.

“We believe that we should be higher up the table and competing which we were doing before Christmas.

“We just took a bad turn but hopefully we have seen the back of that now. Hopefully we can show the Liverpool of old and we can keep kicking on and the season might not be all bad come the end of it.

“Unfortunately we have not had as good a season as we probably thought but there’s still time to fix it – not to the extent we would like to fix it – but there’s still time to make it a bit better.”

Robertson added: “I like the responsibility, I have always had that responsibility at Liverpool, but maybe a bit more has been put on me this season with the likes of Virgil (van Dijk) being out, Henderson being out, Gomez being out, Matip being out.

“We’re used to juggling two competitions. We have got to go on all fronts. We need to go for both [top four and Champions League] – we need to get up the league as high as possible – we need to put a run together.

“We have struggled for consistency this season. You don’t make the top four unless you put six, seven, eight results together and that’s what we need at the end of the season.”

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