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There’s no rift between Ole and I – Manchester United legend, Ferdinand
There’s no rift between Ole and I – Manchester United legend, Ferdinand

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Manchester United icon, Rio Ferdinand has played down reports of rift between himself and Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over his recent comments on the club’s stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Phil Jones.


Recall that back in August, Solskjaer had labelled Ferdinand ‘out of order’ for calling United defender Phil Jones, a ‘waste of time.’ The ex England international was forced to apologised for his statement.


Last week, Ferdinand also angered Solskjaer with comments about Cristiano Ronaldo seemingly shouting instructions on the touchline during the loss at Young Boys.


‘If I’m the manager, I’ve got to be honest, I’m telling him to sit down,’ Ferdinand said on BT Sport, with Solskjaer responding to the comments during last week’s press conference.


Rio Ferdinand responds to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


‘Rio, again you know, sometimes he comments on things he doesn’t really know,’ Solskjaer then said in his press conference.


Ferdinand has now responded. Speaking on the latest Vibe with FIVE, he dismissed talk of animosity between them.


“Ole’s come for me the other day the paper! He comes for me, I can’t believe it,” he said.


“When I see Ole, I’m going to give him a big hug, man. I’m going to shake his hand and say ‘listen, man, it’s all love, I love you, man, you know I love you’.


“I’m his biggest fan. Ole’s at the wheel, it wasn’t happening until I said it, bruv!


“I’ve got no beef with anyone at Man United, I love Man United, I love the people there. Sometimes stuff is said in the heat of the moment and you get things wrong here and there.


“But, listen, it’s a phone call. Just call me, say ‘listen, Rio, what’s going on?’. That’s what I would do if it was the other way around.


“When I see Ole, it’s all love, man. Hugs and kisses, that’s it.”

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