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Stay Away! Declan Rice Is Not For Sale – David Moyes Warns
Stay Away! Declan Rice Is Not For Sale – David Moyes Warns

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West Ham manager David Moyes has said Champions League qualification won’t influence Declan Rice’s future.

Moyes stated that there’s no plan to sell Rice this summer.

The Scot said: “Do we need the Champions League to keep Declan? No because Declan is under contract first and foremost, so he can’t go anywhere no matter what and I keep saying and I hope people know that when I say something I mean it, we’ve not had an offer for Declan Rice and I hope we don’t get one. And you’ve got an idea now of where we’d need to be if it was even going to be considered, certainly be me.

“So I’m looking forward to keeping Declan, I look forward to keeping all the boys and building a young team. If we could finish in Europe, in some sort of European position, I think it would be progress. And that would be progress for Declan Rice as well because he’s been at West Ham they’ve been bobbing round the bottom, so this is new for Declan as well.”

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