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See Striker Edinson Cavani Reveals He Love Watching
See Striker Edinson Cavani Reveals He Love Watching

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Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani admits he modeled his game on Argentine legend Gabriel Batistuta.

United great Sir Alex Ferguson famously made attempt to sign Batistuta when he was in his peak.

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Cavani told United Review: “That’s why I was mentioning in an earlier section that football has changed in recent times.

“I feel personally, that in the years since I’ve been playing in Europe, I’ve spotted that kind of transition.

“When you compare what the game was like when I first arrived, and I had the chance to play alongside many different players, and in Italy too, and then now look at football today which is much more modern.

“But yes, Batistuta was the striker who basically brought together all the attributes and everything that I liked in a player, from my point of view of how I was as a player and how I lived and appreciated the game of football, and my style of play too.

“And yes, you tried to learn and pick up some of those attributes. If you look at him, one of the things that Batistuta had was that intuition, that ability to anticipate, to move and make a run to get rid of his marker, so he could get in on goal and get his header away.

“I think there are similarities in some of my goals with many goals that he scored. But it’s true that he was the striker that I really liked and admired, because he had the ability to decide a game with his great fighting spirit, huge desire and great strength.”

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