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Ronaldo And Pirlo Staying This Season – Juventus Director, Nedved
Ronaldo And Pirlo Staying This Season – Juventus Director, Nedved

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Pavel Nedved, Juventus director has insists coach Andrea Pirlo is safe – and Cristiano Ronaldo will stay next season.

Pirlo is under intense pressure after their poor home loss to Benevento.

“Pirlo is and will be the Juventus coach, that’s 100 per cent sure,” Nedved told DAZN.

“We have begun a new project with him, knowing we would face difficulties. We wanted to do something more, but we could not manage to do so.

“We are calm, Pirlo has everything to become a great coach,” he added.

Speaking on Ronaldo’s Nedved continued: “As far as I am concerned, Ronaldo won’t leave. He has a contract until June 2022, and he will stay. We’ll see what will happen afterwards.

“Cristiano Ronaldo pushed us towards the Olympus of football, both on technically and in terms of image.

“He scored more than 100 goals in 120 matches, and, besides, he dragged us into the Champions League.

“He’s a simple guy, although he may not look like that from the outside. He is the prototype of a modern player who has achieved incredible targets with immense talent and a lot of work.

“We missed Dybala. I think he hasn’t played more than 800 minutes with us this season.

“His presence would give us more options upfront. He has one year left in his contract and I have nothing to add to what Paratici and Agnelli already said. Juventus will evaluate every opportunity in the market.”

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