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Partey Must Do This To Become World’s Best Midfielder – Atlectico Madrid’s Saul Niguez
Partey Must Do This To Become World’s Best Midfielder – Atlectico Madrid’s Saul Niguez

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Arsenal star Thomas Partey has been lauded as an incredible footballer that has all it takes to become one of the best in the world.

That is coming from Partey’s old Atletico Madrid teammate Saul Niguez.

The Ghanaian has shown his quality at the Emirates Stadium club this summer, but has not been a consistent performer all season.

Saul said at an event for LiveScore, via Goal: “I think he’s been very unlucky because of injuries, especially now that in the UK they are more confined like we were in Spain some months ago.

“It’s difficult because he started pre-season with us and then he left without finishing it. He tried to play every game, he got injured, then he tried to come back before the correct time.

“Everything has been a bit unfortunate, but I think next season will be a great season for him.

“I think having a coach like Arteta at Arsenal eased things a lot for him. He knows the language and it is a culture that suits him.

“As a player he’s incredible and if he manages to keep this consistency, he can be one of the best in the world honestly.”

Saul added: “I have known him since we were 16 or 17 years old and I’ve always felt that he was going to be a very important player, but what he has lacked is the consistency, because he’s capable of doing everything.

“He scores from out of the box, he makes ground, steals, distributes, runs the game himself.

“But if he ever reads this (laughs) I would like to mention again that he should improve his consistency. It’s not enough just doing one good game and then not appearing in three or four.

“He has to be more intelligent in that aspect and know what he has to do those days in which he’s not performing as well.”

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