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Odegaard Better Than Luka Modric – Norway Head Coach
Odegaard Better Than Luka Modric – Norway Head Coach

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Norway head coach Stale Solbakken has said a central role for Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard is in his plans.

Solbakken handed his captaincy to Odegaard last week.

He told VG: “The nice thing about Martin is that he can play as in the advanced role in Arsenal, but then he often ends up a little to the right to go inwards with his left foot. This means that he can play both a little out to the right and behind the striker, but he can also play deeper.

“Because he has great running capacity, he is ball-safe and has even started to tackle now. Why should he not be able to do it when Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and the guys can do it? He has greater running capacity than them.

“He can play there if he has the right combinations around.”

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