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No One Is Scared Of Arsenal – Villarreal Winger, Samuel Chukwueze
No One Is Scared Of Arsenal – Villarreal Winger, Samuel Chukwueze

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Villarreal and Nigeria winger Samuel Chukwueze insists no one in his side is scared of Arsenal.

The both sides meets on Thursday for the Europa League semi-final first leg clash in Spain on Thursday.

Chukwueze while speaking at an event for LiveScore, said: “When the time comes, it will be up to the coach and the tactics he chooses – all I need to do is just enter the field using the skills I have practiced and give everything I have.

“We are going to play our football as normal. We are not scared or anything, we are just going to play our football as a team.”

The match is also a reunion between Unai Emery and the Gunners.

Asked about Emery as a coach, Chukwueze added: “I enjoy playing under Unai Emery. He’s amazing, and so tactical in everything he does.

“He can push you to the limit, but he is a fantastic coach.

“He has an amazing football brain. He has amazed me how I have seen him change things from game to game.

“Sometimes when I watch him from the bench, I have looked at him and noticed changes he makes which work for him that are great to see. He is so good at his job and is a fantastic coach.”

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