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No Emotional Attachment With Tottenham – Thomas Tuchel
No Emotional Attachment With Tottenham – Thomas Tuchel

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has laughed off any emotional attachment with Tottenham.

Tuchel has dissociated his childhood love of Tottenham ahead of Chelsea’s clash with Spurs in tonight’s North London derby.

He said: “They are one of the biggest clubs in England and in Europe, for sure.

“It’s a big challenge but don’t get confused: when I was a boy once or twice it was me pretending to be Tottenham in the garden, it was to show off more in front of my friends. Because actually I didn’t even know Tottenham were a team in London.

“It was just a fancy name and a team we could see on TV for a few minutes.

“Later of course with Jurgen Klinsmann and some German players there that led to a bigger focus.

“But there’s no doubt that I arrive [on Thursday] in blue, proud to coach in blue and proud to coach my team and we will do everything to win the game.”

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