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Nigerian forward Saliman Kayode scores first goal of the season in Bosnia
Nigerian forward Saliman Kayode scores first goal of the season in Bosnia

In an action-packed Sunday clash, 20-year-old Nigerian attacker Saliman Kayode, who plies his trade with Bosnian club FK Zvijeda, found the back of the net for the first time this season. Despite his commendable effort, FK Zvijeda faced a tough challenge away from home against Zrinjski, resulting in a 5-3 defeat.


Kayode’s goal marked a significant moment in his season, as he made his third appearance in the match. The Nigerian forward’s determination and skill were on full display as he capitalized on the opportunity to contribute to his team’s performance. While the final score didn’t go in favor of FK Zvijeda, Kayode’s goal serves as a testament to his commitment and ability on the field.


The match showcased a thrilling contest between the two teams, with both sides exhibiting strong attacking prowess. Despite the defeat, FK Zvijeda continues to demonstrate its competitive spirit and determination as the season unfolds. Fans can undoubtedly expect more exciting performances from Kayode and the team as they work towards their goals.


Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses, and let’s continue to support Saliman Kayode and FK Zvijeda in their journey to success.


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