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Manchester United star, Scott McTominay names club’s unsung hero
Manchester United star, Scott McTominay names club’s unsung hero

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Manchester United star Scott McTominay has opened up about the club’s unsung hero.

United may not have lifted any trophy after losing the Europa League final to Villarreal, but they did end the league on the second spot this past season.

Scottish all action midfielder McTominay is preparing for Euro 2020 with Scotland, but spent some time talking about life at United with the club’s official website.

“I sing a lot about Mum and Dad, I praise them all the time so I won’t say them. Unsung? I’d probably say Sam Davies [club sport scientist], the lad who does the drinks,” he told the club’s official website.

“He’s there every morning, takes the temperature, asks us how did you sleep, how do you feel, every day, no moaning, brings you your drinks and your shakes after training, so he’s an unsung hero.”

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