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Management Fully Behind Pirlo Despite Benevento Loss – Juventus Chief, Paratici
Management Fully Behind Pirlo Despite Benevento Loss – Juventus Chief, Paratici

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Juventus football chief Fabio Paratici has said the board members stand by coach Andrea Pirlo after their dismal 1-0 home loss to Benevento.

Benevento had been without a win in 11 matches.

“It was an unexpected game. I am here just to underline that over the years we gave the fans so much joy, unfortunately today we give them disappointment,” Paratici told Sky Italia.

“It was a bad performance, but the campaign continues, we have to get our heads down, keep working, understand our mistakes and try not to repeat them.

“If you play at Juventus, you are accustomed to dealing with pressure. Unfortunately, we played a bad game. Sometimes you can’t even understand why these things happen.

“We had a bad day, that’s beyond doubt, and we have to get our heads down and keep working.”

He also remarked: “We were not unsatisfied with the previous coaches, but there were different reasons why we decided to change. Just as a defeat won’t change the project of a club, a victory won’t either. Once an approach has been decided on, we see it through.

“I don’t believe the word ‘transitional’ exists at Juventus. We play every game aiming to win, some go better than others, but transition isn’t an issue here. Every year is important, even when it doesn’t necessarily have the same results as in the past.

“If we are just talking about results, there are clubs who had seven, eight or 10 years of transition in which they didn’t win anything and didn’t really lay down any foundations either.

“People might not have realised because we kept winning, but we have already made numerous changes over the years, reduced the age of the squad several times to build future success.

“I can tell you seven or eight times we were told an era has ended, for example the defeat at Galatasaray, Conte’s departure, the Berlin Champions League Final, when we were 10 points off the lead at the start of last season, when we replaced Allegri with Sarri, etc, etc and yet we continued to win.

“When you are rebuilding, it can happen that you don’t also manage to win everything at the same time, but it’s part of the process.”

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