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Looking for a top-notch soccer academy to join in Nigeria? Horvel Prime Football Academy, Abuja is the answer (photos)
Looking for a top-notch soccer academy to join in Nigeria? Horvel Prime Football Academy, Abuja is the answer (photos)

Horvel Prime Football Academy, Abuja, is one of the most advanced centres of soccer player development in Africa – and has an unrivalled record in talent production over the years.


They offer the best high performance football program and activity in Nigeria to give serious-minded players the chance to train like professionals with CAF certified coaches.


Players in Horvel Prime Academy capitalize on the unique opportunity to combine their academic studies with a demanding football training program. And also, they’re one of the few soccer academies in Nigeria that gives special attention to the development of soccer goalkeepers.

Horvel Prime Football Academy, owned by Hon. Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe, is located in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, and they’ve been operating for more than 4 years with it’s vision and aim being to help soccer players reach their maximum potential as both footballer and scholars.


Hon. Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe

For Horvel Prime Football Academy to achieve this objective, they make do with high class and modern-day soccer facilities and the best instructors so that players at the academy can experience what life is like as a professional footballers.


Why must I register my child in Horvel Prime Football Academy when they’re other football academies around??

* Register your child with Horvel Prime Football Academy to have your kid prepared to compete professionally in top leagues around the world.

* Link up with Horvel Prime Football Academy today to have your child’s individual soccer technique improved

* Visit Horvel Prime Football Academy today to develop your ward on tactical consciousness and match comprehension

* Join Horvel Prime Football Academy today for an advanced strengthen/physical fitness programs

* Register with Horvel Prime Football Academy today for your child to better understand and effectively deploy team tactics and strategy in a game situation

* Bring your child to Horvel Prime Football Academy for him/her to be provided with the best environment and platform to achieve both soccer and academic excellence.


Players of Horvel Prime Football Academy are trained by certified professional coaches and they are groomed to play modernized football style of play characterized by short, quick passes and maintaining ball possession.


So joining Horvel Prime Football Academy in Abuja, is the perfect opportunity for any player to experience a first-hand taste of professional football which will in turn enable them blend and adapt easily when signed to a professional football club.


For more inquiries, visit our social media handles

Twitter: @horvelF Instagram: Horvel_primefa
Facebook page: @Horvel Prime Football Academy.

Charles Hamidu
Director, Media and Publicity

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