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Know Your NPFL Stars Featuring Sunshine Stars Midfielder, Habib Yakubu (Photos)
Know Your NPFL Stars Featuring Sunshine Stars Midfielder, Habib Yakubu (Photos)

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Hello everyone out there, trust you’re doing just fine. Today on our interview seat is a Football Player who has shone immensely for his club so far this season, he’s been very instrumental and brilliant when called upon to play.

Ladies and gentlemen, without keeping you all in silence, meet my guest.

Lodgexpress: Welcome, please introduce yourself

Yakubu: My name is Habib Yakubu, a professional football player from Kwara State

Lodgexpress: Tell us about the NPFL clubs you’ve played so far and your current club

Yakubu: I’ve rolled out with Gombe United and I’m currently with Sunshine Stars

Lodgexpress: Okay Yakubu, let’s know about your grassroot football club

Yakubu: I began my football career journey from Supper Soccer Academy


Lodgexpress: Where’s it located?
Yakubu: It’s in Ebute Metta West of Lagos State

Lodgexpress: Okay so which soccer icon has really influenced your career positively?

Yakubu: (Smiles) Oh that! I have lots of them but I’ll go with these two, Chelsea legend, Frank LAMPARD and Germany and Real Madrid’s Toni KROOS but within my very environment, the NPFL, I’ll agree with the duo of Austine OLADAPO and Ashadi DESTINY

Lodgexpress: And what’s your favorite jersey number?

Yakubu: No.4, anytime and anyday

Lodgexpress: Okay so which position do you thrive at?

Yakubu: I’m more of a utility player, I’m rotated either as a defensive midfielder or as a right wing back

Lodgexpress: About your childhood, how was it like growing up and aiming to make it to the top level as a football star?

Yakubu: Twas tough, really tough

Lodgexpress: Okay let’s hear more about it


Yakubu: It’s similar to what many grassroot players go through. My dad wanted me to go to college, bag a degree and get a job
I could still recall some point where he followed me to training and told my coach he doesn’t want me to play football, he left thereafter without hearing from my coach. I was deeply hurt and shed a tear.

My colleagues and teammates there didn’t help in anyway as they saw it all as an interesting episode where they could laugh at and forget about their problems, that day was just so emotional.

Lodgexpress: So emotional indeed and what was your coach’s reaction?

Yakubu: He stepped up, called me to himself, encouraged me and prayed for me

Lodgexpress: Would you say it’s been your worst moment as a professional player so far?


Yakubu: No! Besides that was necessary for me to get to where I am now, my worst moment so far is whenever I’m injured, no one likes to get injured, so when it comes, you feel bad

Lodgexpress: Okay so what’s that one favorite or should I say motivational quote of all time?

Yakubu: It’s the popular saying that proper preparation coupled with opportunity equals breakthrough or success


Lodgexpress: What’s your relationship status, Yakubu?

Yakubu: I’m single

Lodgexpress: And where do you envisage yourself in three years time?

Yakubu: Playing Football at the top level in Europe

Lodgexpress: If you are to name your best eleven in the NPFL, who would make the list?

Yakubu: I’ll have Uche OKAFOR man the post, then the likes of Abbey SUNDAY, Tope AKANDE, Isiaka OLADUNTOYE, Emmanuel JAMES for the backline and then I’ll have Yakubu HABIB – myself, Austine OLADAPO, Destiny ASHADI in the middle of the park, then upfront will be the trio of Onoja JOSEPH, Tosin OMOYELE and Sodiq AMAD.


Lodgexpress: And who’s your best Coach?

Yakubu: Gbenga OGUNBOTE

Lodgexpress: Which other Football Club do you fancy after Sunshine Stars?

Yakubu: Barcelona! I’ve always been a supporters of the Catalan giants

Lodgexpress: Let’s assume you make the next list of national team invitees, what would Nigerians and the World at large expect to see from you on the pitch?


Yakubu: Well they’ll see a compatroit who’s determined to put in his best to guide his nation lift more trophies

Lodgexpress: In a simple, clear and concise term, how will you describe yourself?

Yakubu: Loyal, I’m just a loyal person

Lodgexpress: And if you had quit from Football, which other profession would you indulge yourself in?

Yakubu: I’ll go to college, bag a degree and delve into business

Lodgexpress: And what advise, suggestions or opinion would you communicate with the LEAGUE MANAGEMENT COMPANY (LMC) that’ll better hike the standard of the league?

Yakubu: The LMC over the years have been superb in their decision making, it’s applaudable.amd commendable and I just want to call on them to do more of it

Lodgexpress: So what’s your usual routine off the pitch or lets say when you return from the pitch?

Yakubu: I love to relax and go to bed once I’m back from the pitch, also I read my Quran, meditate on it and pray

Lodgexpress: What would your advise to your fans be?

Yakubu: That they should be calm sometimes especially when things don’t go as plan, they should please always have their tempers in check and not unleash them on the players

Lodgexpress: You surely have grassroot football players who look at you as their role model, what would your advise to them be?

Yakubu: They should be humble, focused train hard and listen to their coaches

Lodgexpress: Thank you very much Yakubu, that should be all.

Yakubu: My pleasure.

Correspondent: Faith Mbadigha


Phone: 08076562033

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  1. Bless up brother Habib Yakubu may the good God grant all your secret prayers 🙏🙏


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