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Know Your NPFL Stars Featuring Rivers United Goalkeeper, Ovunda Darlintin (Photos)
Know Your NPFL Stars Featuring Rivers United Goalkeeper, Ovunda Darlintin (Photos)

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Hello everyone out there, trust your day is going just fine. Today on our interview seat is a Nigerian Professional Football League Goalkeeper. Let’s get to hear from all he has to say about himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, without keeping you all in suspense, meet my guest

Lodgexpress: Nice to have you on this fresh episode of “Know Your NPFL Stars”, so tell us about yourself

Darlingtin: Thank you, my name is Ovunda Darlingtin Godwish, I’m from Rivers State and a professional football player

Lodgexpress: Alright then so what is your relationship status?



Darlintin: I’m not single neither I’m I married but I’m in a relationship, a serious one

Lodgexpress: Which club do you play for?

Darlintin: Presently with Rivers United

Lodgexpress: And your position?

Darlintin: I’m the goaltender

Lodgexpress: Awesome, so tell us, who is this football icon that has really influenced your career in a positive way?

Darlintin: Germany shotstopper, Manuel Neuer


Lodgexpress: And your best jersey number would be?

Darlingtin: No.34, because it’s my lucky number

Lodgexpress: Okay, if you were to make comments on your previous clubs, what would you say?

Darlingtin: First I’ll say it’s nothing to write home about

Lodgexpress: Wow! Let’s hear it

Darlingtin: I wouldn’t want to touch more on that but I’ll say again that it’s nothing to write home about and my experiences there only made me a better Goalkeeper today


Lodgexpress: Alright, so aside from Manuel Neuer, do you have any player from the home scene who also had or have an influence in your career?

Darlingtin: It’s the legendary Vincent Enyeama, I really admire him

Lodgexpress: Okay, mention the name of that grassroot clubs you played for while growing up

Darlintin: I began my career with Supreme Fare Football Club before switching to join SKE Football Club

Lodgexpress: Growing up as a Football Player and preferably a Goalkeeper, what were those challenges you faced?

Darlintin: Growing up for me a bit tough because I grew in a family where you’re not allowed to do what you love, you only do what the family think is best for you. Having to go for training was another issue because my father, a strict disciplinarian, wouldn’t want to see us outside but everything has since changed


Lodgexpress: Okay, so who has been your toughest opponent so far?

Darlintin: Akwa United’s talisman, Ndifreke Effiong, he’s really physical and strong both On and Off the ball. He’s the type of striker you wouldn’t want to face in five consecutive matches. He’s really a good guy and a good forward

Lodgexpress: Okay, you’ve probably witnessed bad moments in your career, let’s hear it

Darlintin: Oh there! I can still remember that moment, the dressing room mood, everywhere was silent and no amount of consolation speech was enough to lit up the mood that very day. It was when Rivers United lost by a slight margin of 2-1 to Niger Tornadoes in the FA Cup Semis. I was the reserve Goalkeeper though


Lodgexpress: Tell us your best motivational quote of all time

Darlintin: Winners never quit and quitters never win

Lodgexpress: If you were to select your best eleven in the NPFL, which players will make the list?

Darlintin: Ovunda Darlintin (Rivers United) Kaze Giscard (MFM), Bamba Bakari (Rivers United), Oshobe Shiju (Rivers United), Temple Emekayi (Rivers United), Olisah Ndah (Akwa United), Christian EKONG (DAKKADA FC), Destiny Ashadi (RIVERS UNITED), Ndifreke Effiong (Akwa United), Godwin Aguda (Rivers United), Mfon Udoh (Akwa United)

Lodgexpress: And your advice/suggestion to the League Management Company towards the betterment of the league would be?


Darlintin: They should have more of our matches on TV

Lodgexpress: If you were not a Football player, what profession would you have chosen?

Darlintin: Would have bagged a degree in Journalism and become a journalist but as we have it, Football is what I have passion for
Lodgexpress: How do you spend you time off the pitch?

Darlintin: I spend most time behind closed doors or pay a visit to my family

Lodgexpress: Alright, what will Nigerians and the rest of the World see coming from you if the opportunity presents itself and you get the national team call-up?


Darlintin: Every players’ dream is to represent his Country at the highest level so if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll give in nothing but the best

Lodgexpress: That’s awesome, and what would your advice be to the up and coming goalkeepers?

Darlintin: I’ll tell them not to give up on their dreams, everyone has his or her dream and what he or she is chasing. They should know that hard-work pays and God should be the Alpha and Omega of their endeavors.

Lodgexpress: And your parting shots to your fans out there??

Darlintin: To my fans out there, just know I love and appreciate all of you, keep praying for me and expect nothing but the best from my part.

Lodgexpress: That should be enough Mr Darlintin, thank you for your time and good luck

Darlintin: Thank you.



Correspondent: Faith Mbadigha


Phone: 08076562033

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