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Jose Mourinho’s Playing Style Cost Him His Job – Tottenham Cult Hero, Jurgen Klinsmann
Jose Mourinho’s Playing Style Cost Him His Job – Tottenham Cult Hero, Jurgen Klinsmann

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Tottenham great Jurgen Klinsmann believes Jose Mourinho was fired over the style of football he employs.

Youth system coach Ryan Mason, 29, has been handed the charge of the side on an interim basis and could deliver Tottenham’s first silverware since 2008 on Sunday when they take on Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final.

Commenting on Mourinho’s dismissal, Klinsmann said: “Obviously it is a huge, huge decision and the timing as well, just a couple of days before the League Cup final, but he [chairman Daniel Levy] wanted to send out a signal that it wasn’t going in the right direction.

“Daniel Levy saw himself forced to cut the rope and figure out now, over the next couple of months, what to do.

“It was definitely a decision against Jose and his style of play and what the Spurs fans really wanted to see.

“From where they are in the table, you can still justify certain things, they are just two points behind in the Champions League so anything is still possible.

“Obviously they wanted to go for the title and at the beginning of the season they were up there but then they dropped month by month and he has pulled the plug.

“It is really important for the club to finish off the season as good as possible. That means getting into the Champions League.

“If they win the League Cup final on Sunday then awesome, they have the smallest trophy you can win in England but it is still nice to have a little piece of silverware.

“But the aim is to get into the Champions League.”

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