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“It’s Unacceptable” – Jordi Alba Fumes At 1-1 Draw With Cadiz
“It’s Unacceptable” – Jordi Alba Fumes At 1-1 Draw With Cadiz

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Barcelona wingback Jordi Alba has said their 1-1 draw with Cadiz is totally unacceptable.

After Atletico Madrid lost at home to Levante on Saturday, the Catalan giants had the chance to cut the gap to the leaders to six points. Instead, they are eight points behind.

“It’s our fault. [It’s] very messed up. We dominated the game,” Alba lamented.

“We knew they were closing [things off] a lot, and in an isolated play… It’s a shame. It’s our fault. It was a unique opportunity.”

It was really a fraustrating result for Barca, particularly with it coming a few days after the humiliation against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, but Jordi Alba is not giving up on the title just yet.

“There is still a long way to go, but we can’t let these points slip away,” he stated.

“Today was a unique opportunity. There are no excuses. It’s a pity.

“We have to think again and improve. This can’t be accepted.”

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