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It’s Good To FEAR Liverpool – Everton Boss, Carlo Ancelotti
It’s Good To FEAR Liverpool – Everton Boss, Carlo Ancelotti

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Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti is wary of a Liverpool backlash when they face each other later today.

Ancelotti who have managed in some of the most passionate derbies in world football, is confident he knows what he is talking about.

“I had derbies in Milan, Madrid, everywhere. A derby is a special game, and special games bring more pressure, more fear sometimes,” he explained.

“But fear is not a bad thing in my opinion because if you don’t have fear then you are going in front of the lion thinking it is a cat. But it is not a cat, it is a lion, so fear is important to have. It can help you to be more focused.

“This is the point. You can be worried, you can have fear but you need to have motivation, concentration and also in this kind of game brave. You have to show your quality. You don’t have to be scared.”

Ancelotti added: “It is not a normal game – if you think it is a normal game you are wrong. But no, for this game we don’t have pressure because the worst has happened a lot of times in the past.

“I think we are better compared to the past and think we can have more opportunities to get a result.”

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