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I will drink beer for the first time if England wins Euro 2020 – Declan Rice
I will drink beer for the first time if England wins Euro 2020 – Declan Rice

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West Ham United star Declan Rice has said he will have his first ever taste of beer if England wins Euro 2020.

The Three Lions and Hammers anchorman told newsmen he was not a fan of the popular alcoholic beverage.

The 22-year-old is set to play a vital role for England at the Euros, as the team prepares for their first group stage game against Croatia on Sunday.

“Do you know what, until this day I have never had a beer and I am 22! That is the truth,” Rice said, per Goal.com.

“Never had a pint. Don’t drink it.

“Not really [a drinker]. But a pint? No. I know it is off topic but I have never had a beer. People get surprised. I just don’t like the smell of it so I have never gone near it.”

Asked if he will have a beer if England wins the tournament, Rice added: “Yes. I will give it a try – but I will probably spit it out!”

Rice also hoped all COVID-19 lockdown restrictions would be gone soon, which would allow fans to enjoy the tournament to the fullest extent.

He finished: “If Boris [Johnson – UK Prime Minister] lifts the lockdown and the games are in full flow on the 21 st, the nation will be buzzing, all the songs will be flying at the pubs and obviously we’ll be playing.

“We’ll all definitely feel the positive effects on the nation.”

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