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I tried everything for Messi to stay at Barcelona; Laporta needs to do better – Jordi Alba
I tried everything for Messi to stay at Barcelona; Laporta needs to do better – Jordi Alba

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Barcelona and Spanish left-back Jordi Alba has urged club president, Joan Laporta to speak out about the wage reductions following win over Real Sociedad.

Alba was informed by some concerned Barcelona supporters and there have also been suggestions from some sectors that his reluctance to reduce his wages may have contributed to the club being unable to retain Leo Messi.

Alba insisted he was always willing to take a pay cut and that the captains doing so is separate from the club’s negotiations with Messi. The suggestion that had they been open to it sooner then Messi could have stayed is simply not true, he asserted, as they were always open to cooperating.

“Apart from being the best ever, Leo [Messi] was the one who understood me best, so imagine the efforts I would have made for him to stay,” he said.

“It’s not true [that Messi left because of a pay cut the captains rejected]… the Messi stuff was separate from the captains, between he club and him.

“I can’t control everything that’s said, but I’ve been around. Nothing will surprise me.

“If 10 out of 10 news articles about Jordi Alba are negative, it’s normal that people think badly. I can’t stand being doubted.”

The veteran, who has spent more than half his life at Barcelona, across two spells, repeated several times that these questions should be put to the president.

“I’m not saying the club leaks things, just that you should ask the president,” Jordi Alba told reporters.

“Our commitment is immense. I’m going to help Barcelona as much as possible.

“Not just this season, but in previous seasons, the commitment is infinite. It annoys me that it is questioned.”

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