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I must I have to improve my goalscoring next season – Mason Mount
I must I have to improve my goalscoring next season – Mason Mount

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Chelsea playmaker Mason Mount admits he needs to improve on his goalscoring next season.

Mount ended the campaign as a Champions League winner and the club’s Player of the Year.

He told chelseafc.com: “You have to set goals before every season and you have to really set the target high to want to achieve that.

“I always want to go for 10 goals and just came short of that this season but I’ve had a lot chances so I can’t look at it and say I’m happy with nine.

“I could and should have had way more, which is something that I’ll definitely be looking at. I was actually speaking to Joe Edwards [assistant coach] recently about looking at where on the pitch I am most productive and where I can be more productive. I actually score most of my goals from the middle of the box so where there are areas that I can do better, I need to look at them and see what I can improve on.

“That’s something that I always look at because I can still keep getting better and better. I can definitely score more goals, especially with the chances I get and the way we’re playing now. I can get my goals up more and obviously the assists as well. I just want to be better for my team-mates and for myself, to improve and keep getting better.”

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