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I Learnt Alot From West Ham Boss, David Moyes – Arsenal Manager, Mikel Arteta
I Learnt Alot From West Ham Boss, David Moyes – Arsenal Manager, Mikel Arteta

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has spoken of his huge admiration for West Ham counterpart David Moyes.

Moyes brought in Arteta as a player to Everton back in 2005 when he was in charge at the Toffees and the Arsenal manager says he still speaks to him on a regular basis.


Arteta said: “He was the one that introduced me to the Premier League and he has been a huge influence.

“First of all on a personal level because I think he made me a better person, made me mature in the earlier stages of my career. He was really demanding and challenging but at the same time really, really supportive.

“I learned a lot as well as a footballer, I think he made me a much more complete player, he made me play in different positions and gave me a lot of responsibility as well. I have great memories with him and we had some great times together.

“I really liked how he managed the group as well as the individuals. He really installed a real belief around the club to be together all the time, to look after each other and nobody was more important than the team.

“He really created a special atmosphere when we were together and I think that is why everyone involved at that time really enjoyed our time together.

“I suffered when he had a difficult time because I didn’t think it was very fair on him that he was given no time in some places.

“I know about his qualities and I’m glad to see that now he is enjoying it and doing what he is really good at. I can see his team being what he is and what he likes to do.”

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