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Hudson Odoi Must Give Me Reason To Play Him – Thomas Tuchel
Hudson Odoi Must Give Me Reason To Play Him – Thomas Tuchel

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel does not believe his decision to substitute Callum Hudson-Odoi was a huge issue.

The English youngster came on at half time during the 1-1 draw with Southampton over the weekend.

Nevertheless, Hudson-Odoi was then withdrawn 30 minutes later, with 15 minutes of the game still left.

“It is not a big thing at all for me,” Tuchel said of the decision to sub Hudson-Odoi.

“I have spoken to Callum, and I’ve spoken to the whole group. Sometimes, these things happen in football and it was just my decision.

“Maybe I was being harsh on him because he was on my side of the pitch and I was up close to him, but I did not feel that he was really into the game. I didn’t think he was totally sharp and that is why I took a hard decision on him. But that decision was in the moment and for that day only.

“For me, this is absolutely not a big thing and only becomes one if people want to talk about it.

“Callum has been fantastic for me so far and it’s on him to show me that every game and every day in training. I want him to show me that he is a reliable guy for the team when he comes on from the bench, like he is when he starts.

“He has started a lot of games for me and in this instance, he has taken a hard decision. Now he must swallow it and come into training ready to work ahead of Atletico, a game which he has every chance of starting.”

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