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Hargreaves convinced Man Utd can sign Sabitzer permanently
Hargreaves convinced Man Utd can sign Sabitzer permanently

Ex Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves can see Marcel Sabitzer inking a permanent deal at Old Trafford.

The Austrian is currently on-loan from Bayern Munich.

Hargreaves made a similar switch from Bayern and told “He’s a good player.

“I mean, obviously with the situation with Christian Eriksen, it changed everything. You needed to get another body in. I think Manchester United are the only English team left in all four competitions, with so much to play for in the Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Premier League and Europa League. It’s another body but, you know, a good player.

“He’s another guy who can play multiple positions. He’s smart. He’s played in the Champions League and, depending on the personnel who play with him, he can play deeper or further forward.

“I like him. He brings a strong mindset. What Erik ten Hag has changed is this kind of mentality. We were all a little bit worried after the first two games, against Brighton and Brentford, and you think: what is this going to be? All of a sudden, he changed the mentality.

“He [Sabitzer] has been in teams that are super-competitive and I think the fans are going to love him.”

When asked if he had specific advice to pass on to the Austria international, Hargreaves was clear in his response.

“Just be yourself,” he suggested. “That’s what has got him here. Don’t be too nice.

“A lot of guys come to new teams and try to fit in and can be very accommodating. Sometimes, you’ve got to force the issue and be aggressive and don’t be too nice out there.

“Just go out and be yourself as he’s a really good player. Don’t be too nice out there. Just go for it!”

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