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Exclusive: Know Your NPFL Players Better Featuring Plateau United Star, Denis Nya
Exclusive: Know Your NPFL Players Better Featuring Plateau United Star, Denis Nya

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Lodgexpress: Welcome Mr Nya, please tell us your name and your state of origin.

Denis Nya: My name is Denis Nya and I’m from Akwa Ibom State.

Lodgexpress: What’s your relationship status?

Denis Nya: I’m married

Lodgexpress: Okay, so tell us, which clubs have you played for so far in the Nigeria Professional Football League?

Denis Nya: I’ve featured for Lobi Stars, Akwa United and I’m now with Plateau United

Lodgexpress: Which position do you play?

Denis Nya: I’m most comfortable as a Central Defender

Lodgexpress: So being a defender, who’s your role model, your icon and someone who’s at some point influenced your career positively?

Denis Nya: England legend and Chelsea great, John Terry remains my icon anytime anyday

Lodgexpress: Nice! So tell us about your childhood, how was it like growing up and having passion to play football?

Denis Nya: Well, my childhood was fun and at the same time really challenging, having to combine both soccer, academics and house chores, I’m just glad I never gave up

Lodgexpress: If you’re to pick your toughest opponent on the pitch, who would that be?

Denis Nya: It’s Kano Pillars striker, Nwangwa Nyima, he’s really a tough person to deal with, defenders nightmares and I’m sure no defender would want to come up against him often

Lodgexpress: Very nice. You’ve probably had some worst moments while playing on the pitch, can you tell us about it?

Denis Nya: Worst moments? None that I could think of at the moment but I’ll say I’ve had some frustrations and all of that. For instance, those times I trained really hard but didn’t feature in games like I should, they only made me train extra and push harder

Lodgexpress: Your favorite quote about soccer, what is it?
Denis Nya: Believe in myself, trust in God as there’re no limits to what I can achieve with Him by my side

Lodgexpress: In all the clubs you’ve played for, which Coach would say you’ve enjoyed working with The most?

Denis Nya: Coach Maikaba

Lodgexpress: If you’re to pick your best eleven in the NPFL, how will they lineup?

Denis Nya: Tough one there as there’re lots of talents in the league but for my best eleven, I’ll have Chinedu ANOZIE to tend the goal, the rest are Isa NDALA, of course myself Denis NYA, Etim MATTHEW, Olisa NDAH, Iwuala ANAYO, Mfon UDOH, Ndifreke EFFIONG, Oche SALIFU and Olisema OGBODO

Lodgexpress: What other profession would you have gone into if you were not a football player?

Denis Nya: I’ll venture into business

Lodgexpress: In a simple sentence, how would you describe Denis Nya?

Denis Nya: He’s a go getter
Lodgexpress: What advice or suggestions would you give to the League Management Company (LMC), thay will improve the standard of the league?

Denis Nya: The LMC is doing very well to start from. They just need to keep it up with policies and innovations that will help move the system forward. There’s now the NPFL TV and matches are being aired, it’s a very commendable development and we look forward to seeing more of it

Lodgexpress: What will Nigerians see from you if you’re given the opportunity to represent your country at the international level?

Denis Nya: Let the opportunity come first, I’ll be delighted because it will be as a result of my hard-work and performance, they’ll just see the version of Nya they’ve never seen before

Lodgexpress: You’ve been called up to the National team where you were selected to be a part of the CHAN team B (Home base) Super Eagles, how did it feels to be invited?

Denis Nya: It was really a thing of joy, everyone around me we’re happy and delighted and so was I

Lodgexpress: And where do you visualize yourself in the next three years?

Denis Nya: I see myself scoring the late winner for my club in Europe the helps them clinch their title

Lodgexpress: Awesome! And your words to your fans?

Denis Nya: Trust me you’ve been so wonderful, thank you for your support and I promise to always make you all proud

Lodgexpress: And your advice to the up and coming football players who look at your as their role models

Denis Nya: It’s simple, be determined, be focused and don’t give up on your dreams

Lodgexpress: That should be all Mr Nya and thanks for your time
Denis Nya: Thank you so much Lodgexpress

Correspondent: Faith Mbadigha


Phone: 08076562033

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