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Does Losing Even Hurt!! – Paul Scholes Slams Attitude Of Manchester United Players After Loss To Villarreal
Does Losing Even Hurt!! – Paul Scholes Slams Attitude Of Manchester United Players After Loss To Villarreal

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Manchester United great, Paul Scholes was full of wrath for Manchester United’s reaction after suffering a loss at the Europa League final.

United lost out on penalties to Villarreal in Gdansk after the scores were leveled at 1-1 following extra-time.

It means Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s wait for a first trophy as United manager continues, as does the club’s four-year barren run.

And Scholes thinks some serious questions need to be asked about the club’s situation.

“It’s difficult to come out of that game and give them credit. They weren’t very good tonight, they’ll hold their hands up, the manager will hold his hands up. But overall, there’s been progress,” he told BT Sport.

“The thing I worry about, does losing hurt them enough? As a United player, when you lose games, look at the last three or four weeks – they’ve lost games, does it really hurt? It’s almost become an accepted thing.

“From Ole’s point of view, where’s the demands on him? I don’t think they’ll be saying you have to win a trophy or you’re gone. He’s made progress, which is progress from the last three or four years, but if you go back further, then clearly not because this club expects to win trophies.

“If it gets into next year, the next couple of years, and it’s still nothing, then look, he might have a problem. But for now, I don’t think those demands are quite there on him where he has to win. I think there’s a lot of players it doesn’t really hurt.

“You look at Bruno Fernandes, Edinson Cavani, people who have great experience, they won’t like it, of course they won’t. They’re the ones that look to me as if they’re proper hurting. The others, sometimes it can look a little bit acceptable. Even from the manager sometimes it looks a little bit acceptable. United have almost become a nice club that people like.

“Where are the demands coming from? You don’t hear anything from the background, from the owners, clearly we know that, we’ve seen that in the last few weeks. You don’t have any communication from the chief executive now. That’s another thing that’s a bit confusing in the background, I don’t know, is he working until December until somebody comes in?

“That’s why they’re in the position. This squad isn’t big enough. You look at Manchester City, they’ve got two teams, two teams that can win a league. I think United have 11 or 12 players capable of winning the league, but they need more than that, you need 17 or 18, especially in this day and age.”

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