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​Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says it’s Easer to adapt without away goals rule
​Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says it’s Easer to adapt without away goals rule

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has no problem with the away goals rule being scrapped in the Champions League.

The German coach was speaking during a press conference, ahead of his team’s Champions League round of 16 first leg clash against Lille.

The Blues will be hoping to go deep in the competition, after winning it last term.

Speaking on the away goals rule, Tuchel said: “I had the impression until now that it maybe gives a chance to be a bit more offensive because you can think about scoring and not be so afraid of conceding. So let’s see. When we were asked at the UEFA meeting with the coaches, I was part of the majority of coaches who voted for this change of rule to make it clear, more understandable.

“I liked it [away goals] because it gave kind of an extra edge and you were doing mathematics during the game. I understood that and it was also exciting. But at the same time, I never fully understood why a 3-1 should be a better result than a 2-0. You can see both sides – maybe it was harder to score three and maybe it was a better result than a 2-0 or have a clean sheet in the second game.

“I like it and now it’s clear. I think we may end up with more extra time and penalties because if you’re even now you can’t win by away goals. So let’s see. We’re aware of it but for us, it changes nothing in terms of our approach to the game tomorrow. We will try to keep a clean sheet, defend well, and attack as good as possible.

“If at all, maybe it changes our approach to the second leg a little that we don’t have to think so much about what happens if we score a goal and how much they need. I think it’s easier to adapt. Let’s get the two games played, do the mathematics, count the goals together, and if it’s not decided then we go to extra time.”


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