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Challenge Yourself At A Top Club – Paul Scholes Urges Grealish
Challenge Yourself At A Top Club – Paul Scholes Urges Grealish

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes believes Villa captain, Jack Grealish needs to leave Aston Villa.

Scholes is of the opinion that Grealish must produce at a top club before he can be considered for such an award, adding that Grealish must ‘get out now’ and challenge himself at one of the biggest teams in the division.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the player, but if he was doing this at Man United, Liverpool, City, one of the top clubs, then he’d be up there, he’d possibly be top three,” the former United midfielder told Optus Sport.

“There is no pressure on Villa. If he is at a top club then he needs to win every week. He needs to leave Villa to prove that [he is a top player].

“Jack Grealish is probably the same [as Paolo Di Canio]. It is all about him at Aston Villa. He needs to get out now to a club that need to win every week, there is pressure to deliver trophies. He is capable of doing it, but there will always be a doubt until you do it.”

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