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Bruno Fernandes’ Weakness Exposed By Leeds Midfielder, Philips
Bruno Fernandes’ Weakness Exposed By Leeds Midfielder, Philips

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Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips exposed a weak point in the game of Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes, according to ex Liverpool and Aston Villa defender Stephen Warnock.

The two sides clashed on Sunday and the game at Elland Road ended in a hard fought goalless draw.

But Manchester United did create the better chances, but Fernandes was not able to have a major impact on the pitch.

According to Warnock, Phillips did not give Fernandes time on the ball to create chances for his side.

“I wonder if Bruno Fernandes has woke up this morning and Kalvin Phillips is in his bed, because he literally followed him everywhere,” Warnock said, per the Daily Mirror.

“It was ridiculous. Stop [Fernandes] playing and you stop Manchester United’s main supplier.

“Early on in the game, he [Phillips] goes tight, he was in and around him straight away.

“He’s strong in the tackle and he’s aggressive. He’s such a powerful player.

“The one time Bruno Fernandes loses him, most players in that position would switch off and think ‘my centre-half is going to help me out’ – but it’s a great recovery run from Kalvin Phillips.

“He just didn’t give him a moment’s peace. The pair were joined at the hip throughout the whole game. It was an outstanding display from Kalvin Phillips.

“Again, it just shows why he’s so highly thought of by Marcelo Bielsa, by Gareth Southgate.

“He’s another one who’s pushing for a starting berth at the Euros for England as well.”


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