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Bruno Fernandes: Garnacho can chose to take advice or ignore it
Bruno Fernandes: Garnacho can chose to take advice or ignore it

Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes was full of delight for youngster Alejandro Garnacho after victory over Wolves.

Garnacho came on from the bench and netted in the 2-0 win.

“Obviously we know ‘Garna’ can change games, he plays with pace, he can take players one against one, but he’s still developing himself, so we don’t have to push too much on him. He’s still a young kid,” said Fernandes.

“He can do great things, but in the future he has to do much better than he is actually doing, because he has the capabilities to be even better than he currently is. He’s been doing amazingly for the first season he’s been playing in the Premier League, with more minutes, with more consistency, he’s doing great and we all know he can do much for us.

“But he’s still young and I don’t want to give too much compliments, because when you’re young, you get too many compliments, you can get a little bit relaxed and everything.”

Fernandes added that it’s up to the Argentine to take his advice or ignore it.

“What I have to say to Garnacho, I say to him at the training ground, whenever we are eating, wherever. If he wants to hear, he hears. If not, he doesn’t, but I try to help.

“He is training every time with us which makes him more prepared but mentally he is being much better also and I think he understood what it takes to be a professional player.

“He is taking that and he is working a lot also in the gym with the coaches so he is getting his rewards. If he was not training well he would not even be playing.”

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