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Ashley Cole Makes Huge Revelation Of Arsenal Left-back, Kieran Tierney
Ashley Cole Makes Huge Revelation Of Arsenal Left-back, Kieran Tierney

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Ex Arsenal star Ashley Cole has been mightily delighted with left-back Kieran Tierney.

The Scot is one of the first names on Mikel Arteta’s team sheet, and has made 30 appearances so far this season.

“I think one thing that Arsenal were probably lacking in the past year was a left-back who was solid, didn’t get beaten in one-versus-one situations – he doesn’t get beat in one-v-one situations,” said Cole, as quoted by TEAMtalk. “But I also think the way he attacks and the timing of his attacking runs, it brings a different element to Arsenal and a different way to attack.

“And he’s got a great delivery on him, as we just saw earlier, a great ball in that ended up with a corner. So he’s been very good for Arsenal I think.

“He’s been solid. He came to Arsenal with high expectations, watching him at Celtic he was brilliant. And then he came carrying an injury, he didn’t start the season and now he’s starting to get back to fitness and, for me, being a star of this Arsenal defence.

“Whether he plays in a three of just as an out-and-out left-back, I think he has top qualities. He can play into a striker, he can join the attacks well, he’s got quality of pass, he can defend in one-v-one situations.

“He seems like a defender that doesn’t want to be beaten, he’s not happy when crosses go in. So I think for Arsenal he’s a great player. Not one for the future, but of course he can improve, but he’s been brilliant so far for Arsenal.”

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