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Arsenal Attack In Second Half Was Too Much For Us To Handle – David Moyes
Arsenal Attack In Second Half Was Too Much For Us To Handle – David Moyes

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West Ham United manager David Moyes admits Arsenal were too strong going forward for his side in the second quarter.

West Ham played a fantastic game, especially in the first half, when they got a 3-0 lead.

Nevertheless, Arsenal did not relent in the contest, and two own goals plus an Alexandre Lacazette strike drew them level.

West Ham were presented with chances to win the game, but they had to settle for a point in the end.

When quizzed why they could not hold on for the win, Moyes told reporters: “I think it was all to do with Arsenal and Arsenal’s ability and qualities and standard of players they have. I think their attacking players were very good.

“We had difficulty in coping with certain aspects of what they did and when we had a chance to keep the ball and retain it better we did not do as well as we should have done and on the counter-attack moments we had to make it 4-2 we did not take them.

“It was a tough game and the goal just before half-time changed it and maybe altered the way we saw things but it is a draw against Arsenal, it is not the best result but not the worst result.”

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