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Nothing will be lost if an Igbo man emerges as President
Nothing will be lost if an Igbo man emerges as President

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Ex Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu has stated that Nigeria will have nothing to lose if eventually an Igbo man becomes President.

Ekweremadu who countered claim of power being all about negotiation through compromise, while speaking during an interview with Daily Trust, described it as a psychological thing. He also pointed that the villages of those who have ruled the country are not better than that of others.


Ekweremadu said;


People have said it publicly and privately, arguments have been raised in this aspect, negotiations have taken place, compromises are being done. I have not lost faith in that happening because 2023 is still around the corner, but it’s left for people like you in the media, if you see wisdom in what we’re saying, to also proclaim it, you push for it. When people are unjustly treated, it’s unlikely for them to be interested in peace.

For a man who stays in a house, it’ll be irresponsible for him to put fire in that same house if you’re doing everything to make sure that your family is living together. What will this country lose if an Igbo man becomes president? Nothing! The best they can get is to help stabilise the country. Whatever happens will help to stabilise the country.

For the purpose of argument and statistics, those who have ruled this country as presidents, do you think their villages are better than others? It’s a psychological thing. Those who have ruled this country from the south to the north to the west, check their villages, local governments or states; are they better than the other ones? They are not! It makes no sense for somebody like me. It’s just a psychological issue. So, we’ll lose nothing by doing that.


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