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Sadeeq Yusuf set to spearhead Kwara United’s attack after joining from Akwa United
Sadeeq Yusuf set to spearhead Kwara United’s attack after joining from Akwa United

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In a significant move that has sent ripples of excitement through the Nigerian football community, Kwara United have successfully secured the services of the seasoned 27-year-old striker, Sadeeq Yusuf, ahead of the highly anticipated 2023/2024 NPFL season. With an impressive track record and a flair for finding the back of the net, Sadeeq Yusuf’s return to the domestic league promises to inject a fresh dose of firepower into Kwara United’s attacking lineup.


Sadeeq Yusuf’s journey in Nigerian football has been marked by standout performances and pivotal contributions to various teams. Dating back to his time at Sunshine Stars, he showcased his prowess during the 2020/2021 season by notching an impressive tally of 13 goals, which played a pivotal role in helping the team stave off relegation. His heroics on the field ensured Sunshine Stars finished 16th, a mere two points away from the relegation zone.


Following his stellar run at Sunshine Stars, Sadeeq Yusuf’s talents caught the attention of Egyptian club El Makasa, which secured his signature on a free transfer in 2021. His sojourn overseas further sharpened his skills and added a layer of international experience to his already impressive resume.

However, the call of the Nigerian topflight division proved too strong to resist, leading Sadeeq Yusuf back to his home country’s football scene. His short but impactful stint with Akwa United during the mid-season transfer window of the 2023 season showcased his ability to adapt quickly and make an immediate impact. His contribution was pivotal in bolstering Akwa United’s attack, which undoubtedly played a part in his former team’s success.


Now, donning the colors of Kwara United, Sadeeq Yusuf is set to lead the charge in the upcoming 2023/2024 NPFL season. His prolific goal-scoring ability and dynamic style of play make him an exciting addition to Kwara United’s squad. As the team aims to make its mark in the fiercely competitive Nigerian football landscape, Sadeeq Yusuf’s experience, skill, and unwavering dedication are bound to be vital components of their strategy.

Fans, supporters, and football enthusiasts across the country are eagerly awaiting the kick-off of the new season, where they’ll witness Sadeeq Yusuf’s triumphant return to the NPFL stage. His journey from Sunshine Stars to Egyptian football and back to Nigeria’s premier league is a testament to his tenacity and unyielding passion for the game.


Sadeeq Yusuf’s signing by Kwara United is more than just a transfer—it’s a statement. It’s a statement that Nigerian football is not only about talent, but also about the heart, determination, and the burning desire to succeed. As the countdown to the 2023/2024 NPFL season begins, all eyes will be on Sadeeq Yusuf, watching in anticipation as he takes to the field once again, ready to make his mark and lead Kwara United’s charge towards glory.

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