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Odeh Paul: Rivers United’s new signing ready to shine in the 2023/2024 NPFL Season
Odeh Paul: Rivers United’s new signing ready to shine in the 2023/2024 NPFL Season

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As the curtains fell on the 2022/2023 Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) season, a young and promising talent emerged from the shadows of Wikki Tourists, poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming 2023/2024 campaign. Odeh Paul, a versatile left-back, has now donned the colors of Rivers United, and his arrival has created quite a buzz in Nigerian football circles.


At just 21 years old, Odeh Paul brings a dynamic skill set to Rivers United, making him a player to watch in the NPFL this season. His versatility is a key asset; he not only excels in his natural position as a left-back but can also seamlessly transition to a left forward winger or a right forward winger when the situation demands. This adaptability provides Rivers United with a tactical advantage, giving their coach flexibility in designing the team’s strategy.

One of Odeh’s standout qualities is his ability to create goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates, particularly when he ventures into the opposition’s half. His vision and precision when delivering crosses into the box make him a valuable asset in set-piece situations and open play. This knack for setting up chances often transforms games, turning the tide in favor of his team.

In the past season, Odeh Paul has demonstrated his worth, earning recognition as one of the top five left-backs in the NPFL. This accolade showcases his dedication to improving his craft and the consistent quality he brings to the pitch. His performances have not only caught the eye of fans and pundits but also earned him a coveted spot in the ranks of Rivers United.


As the 2023/2024 NPFL season kicks off, all eyes are on Odeh Paul. Fans of Rivers United and Nigerian football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his full debut in the league, which is set to take place when Rivers United faces Remo Stars in their day one fixture. The excitement is palpable as supporters anticipate witnessing his magic on the field, hoping to see goals, assists, and moments of brilliance that only a player of his caliber can deliver.

Odeh Paul’s journey to this point is a testament to his talent, hard work, and determination. He has the potential to become a future star not just in the NPFL but on the international stage as well. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring young footballers across Nigeria, reminding them that dreams can be achieved through dedication and relentless effort.

In conclusion, Odeh Paul’s arrival at Rivers United signals a new era for the club and a fresh chapter in his promising career. As the 2023/2024 NPFL season unfolds, his performances will undoubtedly be a source of excitement and anticipation for fans and followers of Nigerian football. Odeh Paul is ready to embark on this exciting journey, and the football world will be watching closely as he seeks to make his mark in the beautiful game.

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