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NPFL 2023/2024: Top ten goalkeepers to watch (photos)
NPFL 2023/2024: Top ten goalkeepers to watch (photos)

By Ejimafor Itumo

As the excitement builds for the upcoming 2023/2024 Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) season, football enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the display of exceptional skills and remarkable saves from the league’s top goalkeepers.


In a league known for its fierce competition and passionate fan base, the goalkeepers take center stage as the last line of defense, ensuring their teams’ success with their prowess. Here are the top ten goalkeepers to watch in the upcoming NPFL season:

10. Jean Efala: Akwa United


Jean Efala’s experience and leadership make him a force to be reckoned with. His appointment as captain for Akwa United is a testament to his influence on and off the field. With his commanding presence between the posts, Efala is expected to guide his team to victory.

9. Adewale Adeyinka: Kwara United


Adeyinka’s reputation as one of Nigeria’s finest goalkeepers precedes him. His consistent performances for Kwara United and the Super Eagles have cemented his status as a top-tier goalkeeper. Fans can expect breathtaking saves and unmatched determination from Adeyinka.

8. Kingdom Osayi: Doma United


After a remarkable debut season in Nigeria’s topflight division, Kingdom Osayi has shown his mettle by achieving eight clean sheets for Doma United. His agility and shot-stopping abilities are set to play a crucial role in his team’s pursuit of success.

7. Bamidele Adeniyi: Plateau United

1678115122200.jpgThe transition from Shooting Stars to Plateau United has only elevated Bamidele Adeniyi’s stature. Regarded as one of the nation’s premier goalkeepers, Adeniyi’s acrobatic saves and exceptional reflexes will undoubtedly leave fans in awe.

6. Ojo Olorunleke: Enyimba 


As the newly appointed captain of Enyimba, Ojo Olorunleke embodies leadership and skill. With a wealth of experience and his status as a Super Eagles goalkeeper, Olorunleke’s performances will be closely watched by fans and pundits alike.

5. Mustapha Lawal: Sunshine Stars 


Mustapha Lawal’s outstanding record of seven clean sheets last season speaks volumes about his ability to shut down opponents. His unwavering focus and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to Sunshine Stars.

4. Victor Sochima: Rivers United 


Victor Sochima’s seamless transition from Jigawa Golden Stars to Rivers United has showcased his exceptional talent. As a Super Eagles goalkeeper, Sochima’s presence in goal promises to be a formidable obstacle for opposing teams.

3. Itodo Akor: Gombe United


Gombe United’s captain, Itodo Akor, is a name synonymous with goalkeeping excellence. His consistent performances and leadership skills make him a standout figure in the league. Akor’s presence instills confidence in his teammates and fans alike.

2. Amas Obasogie: Bendel Insurance


Amas Obasogie’s remarkable work ethic and dedication have positioned him as one of the league’s standout goalkeepers. With a potential international call-up on the horizon, Obasogie’s performances for Bendel Insurance are bound to be a highlight of the season.

1. Kayode Bankole: Remo Stars


At the pinnacle of the list is Kayode Bankole, a rising star whose performances have captured the hearts of Remo Stars’ faithful. Bankole’s consistent excellence and status as a Nigeria U23 international have earned him the top spot among the goalkeepers to watch in the upcoming NPFL season.

In conclusion, the 2023/2024 NPFL season promises a thrilling showcase of talent, determination, and athletic prowess from the league’s top goalkeepers. These remarkable individuals are poised to leave an indelible mark on Nigerian football, as they safeguard their team’s aspirations and redefine the art of goalkeeping. Football fans in Nigeria are in for a treat as they witness these goalkeepers weave their magic between the posts.

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