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Alege Toyin: Gombe United must focus on ourselves for top 3 finish
Alege Toyin: Gombe United must focus on ourselves for top 3 finish

Center-back Alege Toyin says Gombe United must only focus on themselves as they chase a top three finish.

Alege admits it is sometimes difficult to ignore the results the Savannah Scorpions’ group A rivals are picking up, but says that is the only way to ensure full focus on an objective the players are all desperate to achieve.

He told after their 1-1 draw at Nasarawa United: “We knew at the start of the season, before a game was played, that there would be huge competition for that top-three spot until the last fixture.

“That won’t change, we’ll need to fight for every single point we can lay our hands on until the end of the season, as will every team.

“Every three points is difficult to grab in the Nigeria Premier Football League, so it’s not only for us, it’s for every other team on the division.

“But we have to focus on ourselves and not look over our shoulder to what our opponents are doing.

“We have to ensure that we rack up the points we [need] to get in the playoffs because that’s the objective and we want that. In the locker room everybody’s hungry for that.

“Of course, you’ll always keep one eye on the opponents and peep at their results and hope that it goes in your favor, but we can’t really be flustered by that.

“We have to keep an eye on our job, which is playing football games and trying to win games and points. That’s what we’ll try and do again, step by step, and the next one is Shooting Stars in Ibadan this weekend.”

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