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Adamawa United boss, Justine Magudu express displeasure at disallowed goal in 2-0 victory over Rivers United
Adamawa United boss, Justine Magudu express displeasure at disallowed goal in 2-0 victory over Rivers United

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Justine Magudu, coach of Adamawa United, was disappointed with match official’s decision to overrule a goal his side got against Rivers United on Sunday in Matchday 27 clash win of Rivers United.

Adamawa United, seated at the bottom of the log on Sunday, June 13, beat visiting Rivers United 2-0.

And Coach Magudu while speaking after the game, first lauded the players for their fighting spirit, but added that their goal should have stood, adding that he doesn’t like getting distracted with the officiating while the game is on.

“We have not had it easy since I took over the team, we’ve working on how we can improve the team with every match the boys kept doing their best but the result were not forth coming but we keep hopes alive that the result will come someday and I’m happy for them today.”

“This match means a lot as every point counts alot and it’s a fight, it’s a marathon race we will continue to give our best every match and take it as it comes.”

“I kept saying most times that I don’t get distracted with officiating but you could see a lot of tension that was created because of intimidation, for the reason best known to them.”

“Everyone want hitch free game, no one want fracas or issues but when you give rooms for what is not right.”

“I don’t know why our goal was disallowed, you could see the beauty of it even from the build up, but why the goal was cancelled its only the assistant referee that can explain because the referee said it was not his fault that it was the assistant referee that raises the flag.”

“I think the referee has the right to stand that it’s a goal but he danced to the tune of the assistant referee and he cancelled the goal,” he stated.

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