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We’ll provide terrorism evidence to prosecute Simon Ekpa – Ohanaeze
We’ll provide terrorism evidence to prosecute Simon Ekpa – Ohanaeze

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo socio-political organization has urged the federal government to demand the extradition of Baifra agitator, Simon Ekpa.

This comes after Ekpa was arrested in Finland.

Ohanaeze vowed to provide terrorism evidence to prosecute Ekpa.

Ohanaeze said providing evidence against Ekpa would serve as a deterrent to those planning violent agitation in the Southeast.

Speaking with DAILY POST, the Secretary-General of Ohanaeze, Okechukwu Isiguzoro said Ekpa’s arrest would not affect Nnamdi Kanu’s case.

Finish authority had arrested Ekpa from his apartment in Lahti.

He was later released after the police allegedly arrested him for a suspected crime.

The Finnish Central Criminal Police has now confirmed Ekpa’s release on Thursday.

The police claimed Ekpa’s arrest was in connection with the ongoing preliminary investigation.

However, Isiguzoro said: “Ohanaeze Ndigbo will be happy to help the Federal Government to provide all necessary evidence of terrorism that will help prosecute Ekpa.

“Nnamdi Kanu never openly admitted that he was responsible for the killings in the Southeast, but Ekpa has openly admitted that he is the one funding the killings in the Southeast.

“Kanu’s case is different, Ekpa’s case is different. Ekpa’s case is different because he was arrested by the Finnish authorities, while Kanu was arrested in Kenya.

“His arrest will not affect Nnamdi Kanu or complicate his matter because the IPOB leader was illegally kidnapped in Kenya but Ekpa is the founder of terrorism in the Southeast and there are a lot of evidence to this fact.

“Ohanaeze will provide evidence in Ekpa’s prosecution that would serve as a deterrent to others who want to go into violent agitations.”

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