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Retired Professor, 80, Drags Wife To Court Over Sex Starvation
Retired Professor, 80, Drags Wife To Court Over Sex Starvation

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A retired 80-year-old Nigerian lecturer, Muritala Haroon, has prayed a Customary Court sitting in Mapo, to dissolve his 52-year-old marriage on grounds that his wife, Afsat, still denies him sex.

Last month, Haroon filed for the dissolution of his marriage on grounds of being starved of sex and threat to life. In the petition, he alleged that Afsat was fond of locking him out of the bedroom thereby denying him sex.

“I can no longer cope with the attitude again. Worst still, she and her relatives want me dead. Afsat attempted to stab me. She is misleading our six children. She has turned them against me” he said

Afsat in her defense, played down the prayer for separation. She told the court that Haroon is just being promiscuous.

“Prof is promiscuous. I cannot have anything to do with [him] because he slept with his close friend’s three wives. My Lord, Haroon slept with the three wives of the man who acted as an intermediary whenever we had problems” she said

During the resumed hearing in the suit today March 18, Mr Haroon, told the court that Afsat did not abide by the advice given by the court for them to have sex.

“My wife did not abide by the advice given to her by this court to allow peace to reign by agreeing to perform her wifely duties.”

Afsat was not present when she was called and nobody represented her in court.

Ademola Odunade, President of the court, appealed to Haroon to exercise more patience.

“The court will work with the extended members of the family to resolve the matter amicably” he said

The case has been adjourned until May 17.

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