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Local vigilantes in Zamfara execute 11 including a woman all suspected to be informants of bandits
Local vigilantes in Zamfara execute 11 including a woman all suspected to be informants of bandits

Yan Sakai members

Local vigilantes, known as Yan Sakai, have executed eleven suspected bandits’ informants including a woman in Zamfara state.


According to Daily Trust, the group executed seven suspected informants in Gada community, Bungudu Local Government Area and four others in the Kaura Namoda Local Government Area.


It was gathered that the suspects were rounded up by the vigilantes at a GSM market in Kaura Namoda town and executed.


The other suspects were arrested, summarily and extra-judicially executed following days of an intensive manhunt for the informants by the vigilantes after a deadly attack on Gada community during which the district head oand five other people were killed and dozens of residents including women and children were abducted.


Earlier, the vigilantes had stormed Tuskudu, a community located 1km north of Gada town, in search of a suspected informant called Ada


Resident said Ada was identified among the armed men that had invaded the community.


“Ada was the one pinpointing identified targets for the assailants during the attack. In fact, I was one of their prime targets being the Youth leader of the community. He was always visiting this community as an innocent person,” a a resident identified as Hafiz Sani told DT.


“When the vigilantes got him, he listed some other informants and asked his executors to spare some of the suspects they arrested telling them that were not informants. Later they were set free.


“He confessed to them that he was really among the attackers and was giving them vital information on individuals. Among those killed also was one woman called Dabo Bokanya.


“She told the vigilantes that she was aiding the armed criminals through necromancy. Her husband and two sons were also slain.”


Meanwhile, the Zamfara State Government has lifted the ban on Yan-Sakai activities in the state.


The members will be paid a stipend of 10,000/month by LGAs, they have also been called upon to desist from taking the law into their hands (extra judicail executions)

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