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Liverpool Training Session, So Intensed – Ex Liverpool Striker, Luis Suarez
Liverpool Training Session, So Intensed – Ex Liverpool Striker, Luis Suarez

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Ex Liverpool striker Luis Suarez admits he had to be careful during training sessions at the club.

The veteran Uruguayan was a revelation in the Premier League when arriving from Ajax, nearly helping the team to clinching a Premier League title.

He then went on to become more success at Barcelona, and is now hoping to win La Liga with Atletico Madrid.

Suarez has now opened up about the intensity of training at Liverpool against the likes of Jamie Carragher.

“Not exactly an anecdote, but I have experienced training sessions with him that caught my attention very much,” Suarez told CBS Sports.

“With the aggressiveness with which he went into the training he would then take that into matches.

“And I would say ‘hold on, we are teammates’, and he wouldn’t even look at you, wouldn’t tell you anything, and the next time he would hit you again.

“But what he liked about my style was ‘you hit me? Well, I’m going again, even if you hit me I’m going again’.

“And it was like many times he was surprised and said ‘this one, just arrived from Ajax, he comes to me and keeps picking on me so that I hit him again’, and it was like that in every training session.

“Until you get to know each other then you joke more, and all of that.

“And well, there was not only Carragher. When I went to Liverpool, there was Carragher, Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel, which one the three would hit me most I had to be careful during training.”

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