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FFK Blast Sheikh Gumi For Saying Bandits Should Be Forgiven Just The Same Way Coup Plotters Were Forgiven
FFK Blast Sheikh Gumi For Saying Bandits Should Be Forgiven Just The Same Way Coup Plotters Were Forgiven

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Ex Nigeria Aviation Minister, Femi Fano-Kayode, has called out popular Islamic cleric, Sheik Gumi, who recently said that if coup plotters and those that instigated the civil war can be forgiven, he sees no reason why bandits can’t also be forgiven.

FFK who reacted to a statement of Gumi likening bandits to coup plotters, via his Twitter handle wrote

“If coup plotters are pardoned, why not bandits?”- Sheik Ahmad Gumi. Maybe we should give Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, King Leopard 11 of Belgium, Osama Bin Ladin, Al Bagdadi, Abubakar Shekau & every other mass murderer& genocidal maniac in world history a posthumous pardon too!

First he urges the terrorists to target Christian soldiers, then he said that the kidnapping of children from their schools by the same terrorists was a lesser evil& now he says this. Has Sheik Ahmad Gumi finally lost his mind. Is he in desperate need of medical attention?

Has he become the official spokesman for the terrorists that are slaughtering, tormenting, raping, mutilating & kidnapping our people all over the country? I am convinced that Gumi is no longer himself. Something has gone wrong with him. He is shrouded in darkness & deceit.

Someone please tell him that we have had enough of these asinine, puerile, infantile, insensitive, uncharitable, wicked, dangerous & self-serving contributions & remarks.The country is already on the brink of war & fratricidal butchery: Gumi should not push us into it with his reckless provocations & deeply insensitive, callous, heartbreaking and insulting commentary.

The terrorists he is defending are a living manifestation of pure and unadulterated evil and every single one of them deserves to be eliminated or brought to justice in a court of law for their crimes against humanity. Gumi, stop pampering bloodthirsty& bloodlusting psychopaths & murderers. Anyone that targets innocent& defenceless women & children & kills them is the scum of the earth& deserves to be sent to hell in a glorious hail of bullets.”


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