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Exclusive: Activist, Dan Ok Decries Alarming Rate Of Increase In Nigeria’s Population
Exclusive: Activist, Dan Ok Decries Alarming Rate Of Increase In Nigeria’s Population

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Popular Nigerian activist, Dan Ok, today Tuesday, April 6, took to his Facebook page to decry the rate at which Nigeria’s population has drastically increased since the last census which was conducted in 2016.

His post in full reads;

The last population census in Nigeria was conducted in 2006 under the President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Presidency.

Then I was a bit young. I can remember how many people were not counted in our household and in my neighborhood. You too can say how many people were not counted in your household or neighborhood.

I can attest boldly, that the figure released thereafter, was not reliable as many people were not counted.

But then, according to that particular population census, there were One Hundred and Forty Million (140million) people in Nigeria. That was about 14years ago.

Census is meant to be conducted in every 10years but Nigeria’s case has been a difficult one to sustain. There was supposed to be another population census in Nigeria in 2016 but that couldn’t happen for corrupt reasons best known to our political leaders.

As at this year 2021, the estimated population of Nigeria says, there are over Two Hundred and Eleven Million (211million) people in Nigeria. This therefore, means that, Nigeria’s population has increased by over 50million in the last 14years.

We can also say that in 2034, Nigeria’s population must have risen to over 260million people and perhaps, if it continues like this without any thought of birth control by government, in the next 30years, Nigeria’s population must have risen to above 300million people.

Yet, the country has not in anyway, improved her production capacity. We are still big time importers of many of the things we consume as a nation.

You can see why there is abject poverty in the country. About 40% of the total population of Nigeria is living in extreme poverty. Unemployment is on the rise, the rate of illiteracy is alarming. Out of school children are littered all across the streets of Nigeria. Homeless and abandoned children are in every corner of our streets.

This hasn’t stopped families from making more babies; even families that can’t cater for those babies. Then the government has done absolutely nothing to control birthrate. Even while the same men in government are looting and self-aggrandizing the common patrimony of the people.

While I was pondering over this, my attention was drawn to the article I wrote in 2018 and entitled “Nigeria, the World’s Poverty Capital”, the article came immediately after Nigeria was named the poverty capital of the world. Read below:

Nigeria, the World’s Poverty Capital By Dan Ok

Equal to the problem of ineffective or poor leadership is the complete discouragement and subsequent ousting of science and technology in our nation.

Our failure to deal with our complex Nigerian environment is to a large extent, dependent on our collective failure, to not only explore with understanding, the dynamics of human relations in accordance with the laws of tolerance to foster peace and unity but also, most importantly, our failure to understand the workings and laws of nature (science). Since we have so failed to understand the laws of nature (science), we cannot at all think better, towards the direction of putting the laws of nature into practice by devising tools (technology), and bringing into plan, the manner in which work is organized in our nation.

The above understandings, are what keep thriving nations going in this new era. How can a nation ever grow, how can she create employment for her people, how can she provide food and security etc for her people when she is bringing into existence little or nothing and when she lacks the capacity to encourage while also supporting innovative thinking? It is obvious that the world is changing and we are not changing alongside with it.

Looking back at our past from independence, we can say that, there have not been a constant economic development, because we have failed as a nation to collectively, multiply enormously our capacity to independently win a living from our so blessed nature partially given us by God the Almighty. While others, are making great and historic successes out of little or nothing, we are here in one of the most blessed nations on earth, making no progress at all, even as the world has seriously changed over the years and civilization has ordered the new age.

How can we, live in a vast empire of untold prosperity, in the midst of abundance and plenty, but yet, we are declared the poverty capital of world?

Yes, it happens, it happens because we have over the years, shown no capacity to independently increase our ability to live a more satisfactory life through the exploitation of the resources of nature but instead, we continuously allow, those who forcefully stole from us when we had no independence, to still exploit us even in our state of independence and with our eyes wide open. These people, knowing the abundance, nature has bestowed upon us, seriously frown at and discourage our development in science and technology.

They encourage greedy, unintelligent, unwise and irresponsible leaders and help in any way they can, to impose such leaders on us. The result as we’ve all been seeing, has been backwardness or total stagnation.

As a country, we have failed to build the capacity needed (through science and technology) to take full control of our environment and to carefully utilize it for our citizens’ prosperity. We cannot in any way boast of economic development if we are still at this time doing so poorly in the area of science and technology.

Even the heavens, I believe, are not happy with us because we have woefully failed to extract satisfactorily, a living from the natural environment we are blessed with. Africa, had been the original home of man and still is; that is why, she has been so exploited since her discovery by the supremacists.

The Western nations, who appear to be so concerned about Africa, do so, because of the abundance that still lie in Africa, they are nothing but just special-interest-friends and we must not forget this.

We have so been dependent even in our independence on the Western nations in the areas of science and technology hence, the reason for their continuous exploitation. Our lack of willingness to make discoveries and use the already discovered, to our own advantage has exposed us to the most abusive and barefaced forms of exploitation by the whites.

The only way to solve the nagging questions now besetting us in Nigeria and Africa at large, is to eliminate in totality our exploitation by developed capitalist countries, with all the consequences that this implies and the first steps to do this are; taking total control of our natural environment through science and technology, putting in place effective and responsible leadership, spending much on human capacity development by investing heavily in education, especially, the education of our young people and completely doing away with the ‘I can’t’ spirit as well as the inferiority complex left in some of us by the whites.

For ours is a glorious heritage.


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